Other sponsorship opportunities are available.


Volumes for our library (list furnished upon request): $36

Window plaque: $180

Window restoration and plaque: $540

Bookcase: $480

Amud: $540

​Ner Tamid $1,800

Bimah: $3600

Torah Scrolls and related items

Embroidered Torah cover: $360
Sterling Silver Torah Shield w/engraving: $1800
Sterling Silver Torah Crown w/engraving: $2400

Torah Scroll restorations (suggested donations):

  • Individual Parshah: $240
  • Volume: (Bereishis, Shemos, Vayikra, Bamidbar, Devarim) $900
  • Complete scroll restoration: $4500

RenovationS and dedicationS
Make your mark on the building and grounds

  • Social hall: $50,000
  • Sanctuary: $80,000

Help ensure the continuity of Judaism in North Buffalo by supporting the synagogue with a one-time or recurring contribution.

All donations welcome. Specific suggestions below.

Donate via Regular Mail

Make checks payable to "Congregation Achei Tmimim"

Send to:

Congregation Achei Tmimim

85 Saranac Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14216

Give your treasured memory a permanent home in our sacred space.

Dedication Opportunities